A creative, who embodies all of my creativity and absolutely loves what I do. I have helped amazingly talented people grow and build their careers. I have worked on $10K budgets to $2.5M+ budgets, in the roles of Casting Director and Producer,  Imy efficiency, organization and contract negotiations has saved "productions" thousands of dollars.  I have and continue to build great relationships with talent agents and managers and provided celebrity talent, local talent and extras for super exciting film, new media and commercial projects.  

Latest Projects


Orion doesn't trust Olympia initially. His sole objective is to get er to the destination and get paid. However, when two robbers hold the pair at gunpoint and Olympia takes them down through a series of impressive moves, Orion develops a newfound sense of admiration for her. He starts to open up about his family and even takes her to visit his childhood home. Who is she really? A journey of love and love loss, via an adventure of a lifetime.



Caught between the street life of Decatur, GA and attempting to create a better life for his wheelchair-bound little brother Keith Thompson -aka- Kilo crosses the line where his only options seem to be prison or death. After a series of life-threatening events, It takes his mom and praying grandmother to try and guide him in the right direction. Kilo finds himself at the crossroads between love, family and the streets and he has to determine which direction to take or which direction will take him!


HIP-HOP 40 LIVE: 2018

Hip Hop 40 a weekly live streaming hip hop show designed to engage and entertain hip-hop heads that still resonates with the ’80s and early 90 hip-hop music era. Hosted by Philadelphia native and Atlanta resident Dres THA Beatnik, Hip Hop 40 is sure to challenge, entertain and explain your knowledge of Hip-Hop.


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